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So Much For Kayaking

By July 9, 2017No Comments

This is supposed to be a kayak trip, but so far we have covered maybe only two miles, actually using paddles. Yesterday we woke to calm sunny skies, and to an ocean clogged with sea ice halfway to Greenland. It seemed like we would have to wait there for days, but then, when the tide started to ebb, the ice moved away from the shore and we got to paddle! We didn’t make it far, but it was beautiful, ice floes everywhere, super calm water, and then, just too much ice to continue. So we headed to shore for what we thought would be a short break, but it’s turned into one which might last quite a few days. The wind has picked up. We are hunkered down. It is cozy, but we can’t make grilled cheese in the tent.

Grilled cheese! It is so much tastier than the same ingredients raw. Bryce has become master sandwich maker, and whenever it isn’t too windy, and we have the time, that is our preferred lunch. Today though, it is too windy. After seven days, we are beginning to miss things like tacos, fresh veggies, clean socks, and being clean. In this wind, everything has become covered in grit, aided by our copious butter intake.