The Story

Beneath the Polar Sun

In the Last Ice Area, 500 nautical miles from the North Pole, a scientific team clambers over a jumble of sea ice. Tiny specks in an austere landscape, this five-person expedition is on a mission to measure the Arctic’s oldest and thickest ice floes. Each team member knows the data, the climate models, the science, yet none of that has prepared them for the truth on the ground. The sea ice this year is crushed and rubbled, patio-sized slabs crashing together under the power of the current. Hauling loaded kayaks across the frozen ocean, the team struggles to plot a course forward, unable to follow a route that only years earlier was navigable. Against brutal conditions they find themselves caught in the maelstrom of Arctic Ocean change. Something has to give. With floes collapsing around them, the science is scuttled, their journey becoming a struggle for survival. They must escape the chaos by traversing a narrow channel between Canada and Greenland — the most formidable passage of the polar North.