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By July 25, 2017No Comments

Seriously, Knud. Give us a break. We’re not asking for an entire orange, nor even a slice. At this point some rind would be viewed with joyous rapture. After three – or was it four – days trapped in our tents, we decided to make a break. (As an aside, for you parents who wish to get closer to a child, there are probably better ways to do this. At this point, Bryce and I have become far too close.)

Anyway…with a 1am high tide and low wind forecast, we ate dinner and broke camp at 7pm and began paddling into a brisk but manageable wind. An hour later, the wind picked up, alarmingly whipping up whitecaps around us. After less than 3kms we were forced to pull in and camp again. It is certainly not coming easy, but we are at least inching toward our takeout point at Carl Ritter. The name has taken on an almost magical allure for all of us.

Now, today’s Arctic haiku:

Trapped. Days in tent

Wind screaming like angry wraith

Wish I had a book